MH4542      Gear Linkage Bushes - set of 6


The slop stops here, Well most of it! Of all the parts in the gear linkage system these fail first. They take a lot of strain. We sell more of these in number terms than anything else. To fit them you should remove all the linkage from the car and using hair drier - or with extreme care, a hot air paint stripper - to warm each bush before trying to press it into its ring.

We supply you a full set of six bushes:

  • one to fit the the bracket on the rear bulkhead where the top of the vertical shaft is mounted
  • one to fit to the engine bay end of the shaft connected to the gear lever
  • two to fit to the short linkage from the vertical shaft to the gearbox
  • two to fit to the long linkage from the vertical shaft to the gearbox

We recommend that when you change these bushes you also replace the bottom bush for the vertical shaft. It's a push fit into the engine crossmember, part number MH4543

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